May. 30, 2002 - 1:36 p.m.
Fit for Battle on the Bus

I'm getting a ride home from work today! YAY. I hate the bus an awful lot. It hates me too. It drives away when it sees me running to catch it. It fills itself with people before it gets to my stop so it makes me stand the whole way downtown, OR it doesn't stop at all, flashing a sign at me that says "full". It's driver looks at me like I have a third head (not that I have two to begin with...) when I say good morning to him. It's passengers like to hog seats so that when I sit, I am squished up against the metal arm rest which digs into my tender thigh. They try to trip me with bags, asphyxiate me with poisoned breath and BO. They push, they shove and they give you the stinky eye when you try to fight your way in for a seat. It's a jungle in there...

I ran again at lunch today. Wow. I can really see why people become fitness addicts. It's quite the rush to sit down after completing a run and you can feel the blood still coursing like mad through your veins trying to bring oxygen to all your poor muscles that are strangling on lactic acid.

I don't get sore anymore. The first time I ran, I ran for four minutes on, two minutes off and I was in agony for three days after while my unaccustomed muscles healed. Now it's a piece of cake. (mmm cake, I would luv to have a piece of cake right now). I can run for around 40 minutes without stopping. I ran 10k, I can run 7.5K in the pouring rain.

I feel amazing right now. Usually at this time, my lunch has settled into my stomach and my body is trying to sleep through the afternoon and I am fighting to keep my leaden eyes open. But not today!!!!! Today I feel like the day is going to breeze by and I can do anything, although I don't have anything to do...

I am really proud of myself. I think I have worked really hard at becoming a fit person. I went from being the person that was afraid to try anything involving exertion for fear that I was too out of shape and would embarass myself, or just hate being myself because I couldn't do it. I've gone from saying, no thanks, I'm not really an athletic person, I got all the artistic-ness in the family, to saying YES let's go I can do that. And I can!

I used to only be able to do half of one proper push up, ie DOWN. Now I can do 8 strong. And that's in the space of 2 months. It doesn't sound like much to some people, but to someone who has always though that she was not athletic, that's a miracle. I've never felt so good.

"Caught up in every minute, walk within it, can't I just breathe? Can't I just breathe? To smile again, it feels so good...."

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