Jun. 29, 2002 - 9:18 a.m.

I was talking to someone this morning about actors. I said that sometimes, I'll be watching a movie or TV and think, GAWD, how did they get the role, they're terrible, and then I see them naked and I think "Oh".

Interestingly enough, I think I look better naked than dressed, because I have such a curvy body and I can't find clothes that fit me right or hang right on me because they are all made for women that look like 10 year old boys. No hips, no breasts. I was at GAP and I tried on a button up shirt, I had the LARGE on, and it was too big from the ribs down, but at the breasts, it was PULLING. The buttons were pulling apart for lack of fabric. Who the hell designed that shirt? For WOMEN?

I have a theory on the fashion industry. The majority of the industry is dominated by gay males. That's great for creativity and expression and things, but the problem is that most gay men are not attracted to women; they don't find women sexy or sexually attractive, UNLESS, they are shaped like young men. This may be wholly subconscious, and the designers may have the best of intentions in thinking that they are making the women look sexy and wistful and attractive, but to whom? Designers, like Donna Karan, who still use skinny models because you kind of have to, actually make clothes that look good on nearly everyone. The general public of men sees these women and is basically conditioned from birth to think that this is what a woman should look like. Add on a pair of fake breasts to try to remind people that you are actually a woman, and voila, you have today’s ideal of beauty. But the real joke is, ask any man who doesn’t have a “cool guy” act going on, and they will invariably admit that they actually prefer a woman with a little meat on her, some strength, some health. Most guys don’t admit it, and won’t date women who are over size 6 because they are afraid that they will be laughed at, that they will be ridiculed for having a “fat” girlfriend. So they just ignore what they like, and date trophies, because everyone will congratulate them and they’ll feel better about themselves.

Now don’t get this wrong, I am not condoning unhealthiness. I think everyone should do what he or she can to be healthy. I certainly could do more, and I am on that road now. But in general, the North American population is out of control with their weight. If you eat well, and you exercise moderately, enough that you can go up a flight of stairs without dying, and you are still a size 14, then what the hell is wrong with that? I bet there are several MODELS, and ACTRESSES out there that have to be carried up stairs because they won’t make it up 4 of them for lack of food.

Nuff said, going to the gym!


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