Jul. 09, 2002 - 9:55 a.m.
Cold Weather Girl

I have a complaint. Those of you that hate to read about complaints or people complaining about things, then skip today's entry, come back tomorrow, although you never know, you might agree with me.

I hate the summer.

I hate the heat. I hate that it's hot and humid and that I am so sweaty, just for walking down the street. I hate that I'm fine outside, and there's a breeze, even if it's muggy, but the second I go inside and the breeze is gone, I sweat like a cow in McDonalds. I hate that I have to work in the heat. I hate that when it's hot, you can only take off so many clothes until you're naked, and you're STILL hot. I hate riding the bus in the summer. People think that the second it's cloudy it must be cold so they all wear coats and keep the windows on the bus shut. BUT, they forget that there are 80 people on the bus, and it's NOT, in fact, cold on the bus. Instead, it's FUCKING sweltering and I already have pit-stains at 8:00 in the morning. I hate it when my clothes stick to me because it's hot and humid. I hate having to wear black because it doesn't show sweat marks, but since it's black it's even fucking hotter! I hate trying to sleep when it's hot. When you lie in bed and you stick to the sheets and you've kicked all the bedclothes aside and have to frickin remake the bed every morning. I hate that when Chris and I touch it's too hot and we have to let go of eachother in case we melt and fuse together, which would be nice other than the fact that it's fucking HOT. I hate breathing hot air. It feels used. I hate pastels and bright colours.

Give me cool, relaxed Autumn. It's still sunny (do not confuse sunny with hot and humid, they are two separate things). There's a cool breeze, you can wear your awesome looking wool slacks. I like to wear sexy sweaters and pants that hang nicely from my shapely hips. I like to wear scarves that I can toss dramatically over my shoulder. Long, sweeping coats that flow behind me in the COOL breeze like in "Face Off". Calf tall boots and knee length wool tweed skirts. Sultry dark colours like forest green, earthy browns, and deep reds. Three quarter length sleeves. I love the fresh air, it feels brand new and revitalizing. I like to sit in front of fires and drink hot chocolate. Bring me WINTER! I love snow and dark snowy nights. I love winter sky. I love that it's dark for 3 quarters of the day. I love the night. I love waking up in the morning, and you and your bed are the perfect temperature and the rest of the room is cool and fresh. Even though it's hard to stick your toe out from under the blankets. I like brisk mornings that wake you up and chill your nose pink. I like the sun on snowcapped mountains. I love to ice skate.

I have to admit it. I am a cold weather girl. Then again, I've never lived in Winnipeg.

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