Oct. 27, 2003 - 7:28 p.m.
A Bedtime Story involving PVC

Alright I promised dirty incriminating photos and here they are:

On my second night in Montreal a few of us geared up in PVC and various other forms of naughty dress and we headed off to see a live version of Rocky Horror Picture Show where we were all humped in succession by the star of the show, Dr. Frankenfurter. Such fun.

What naughty things we got up to there

Julian tried to remain angelic looking throughout the debauchery but to no avail. We succeeded in corrupting him thoroughly

with me special debaucherous powers, I was able to bewitch an unsuspecting yet naughty scotsman. here he is looking rather infatuated, and here I am looking rather like I know it.

Partway through the show, I became deafened by the loudness of my dress and the sparkles and attempted to cover my ears, but my breasts tried to escape and that tickled so I couldn't help but laugh

I was finally able to get my breasts under control, and after a stern talking to, I allowed them to peek out to watch the show

I was demonstrating the merits of keeping one's breasts under proper control when one attempted a second break out. Since my hands were in school marm mode, they were at the ready and caught her just in time.

The next evening, the contemplation of the evening before inspired smirkiness and unsurety regarding the status of my purity

Just to prove that I had indeed been corrupted and had indeed bewitched said naughty scotsman, he went to tell me about it in my ear and his lips got stuck on the way.

The perpetrator of the above photos and I stopped trying to strangle each other long enough to take this charming photo, and soon after, we kissed, made up and conspired on many subjects, to this day.

All in all, a wonderful time was had in the grand old city of Montreal and hopefully, I will return one day to fulfill the prophecy of continued debauchery, set in motion by this previous visit.

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