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Meet the Cast

The Cast:

The Girls
These three are my oldest oldest friends. They all come from different areas in my life and bring different aspects to it.

She is my oldest friend. I met her when we were both around 10 in choir. We don't spend much time together anymore because we have our own lives and separate circles of friends but we remain close in our hearts. She and I get SILLY together.

I met her in the last couple of months of highschool. I moved to Whistler with her, I've been travelling in Europe with her. She and I had a rocky friendship back in the day but we grew above it and now she is one of the few people that knows me best, knows what I do and why before I do it. She's also a valkyrie. Second Oldest Friend.

I met her working at the Chan Centre at UBC. She was the first real friend I made there and she stuck. She is the most intelligent and capable person I know. She's laid back, good humoured to the last, yet still manages to make flakiness a positive trait.

The Family:

The little brother. He's 10.5 years younger than me so our relationship has been significantly different than other siblings. We never outright fought each other in pure anger. I saw him almost as a son and friend than a brother because I was so much older and got to watch him grow up. I'm the proudest big sis in the world and he impresses me daily with his sensitivity, perception, laid-backness and wisdom for someone of such a young age. One of the few real reasons for living.

I'm super attached to her, yet she can cause me so much stress. She means well, and she's just trying to find her own way through this world without realizing the impact that some of the stuff she does has on me. She's kinda in her own born again christian world, but her heart is in the right place and I love her all the same. Still drives me crazy though..I guess that's what family is for!

The Class List:

Rennie, Bean, MAL-R, Xander, Alex, Dale, Janis, Angelene, Pauline, James, Aubrey, Shawn, Carie, Lindsay

The Teacher:

She's changed my life in so many ways and helped me find the confidence to be the person I have always been meant to be.

The Girls II (G2):
My new crew of girls. We have the same sense of humour and we hang out together, unlike the original girls. We met working together at the arts club and have really become close.

My roommate and newest friend. She's hilarious, a fantastic performer, gorgeous. She's teaching me to be stronger and to not take shit from people. We're working on our bodies and careers together.

She is one of the most amazing actors I've seen. She's incredibly talented and so comfortable on the stage - a trait I envy. She's been through similar trauma to me and is one of the most loving and sensitive people I've ever met.

She's another hilarious woman who is working on sketch comedy with Helen. She's a tough woman who's been through a lot both physically and emotionally and has come through on top. Not to mention she has KILLER eyes.

The Boys:

He has been the big love in my life. I've known him a year and in this year the ups have been SO up and the downs have been the downest downs ever possible. He broke my heart, put it back together and broke it again over and over and now it's a heart pretty much made of duct tape, but it still works. We aren't speaking right now, but I miss him and love him and I am moving on from him.

Was my boyfriend for 2.5 years. We lived together for two of those years. He left me citing the reasons as being he didn't want a girlfriend, he was a sociopath and some other bullshit. In retrospect, it was for the best because we were too different.

Trevor (the lawyer)
A friend of JR's that I dated for two months. I was insanely infatuated with him. He was a woman-hater. Too young too.

I met him in Brighton four years ago and we hit it off like mad. I adored him, had a crush, but he had a girl friend in Australia and was leaving Brighton, so nothing came of anything. I found out later that he had a crush on me too, at the time. I recently went to see him in Toronto, to have a holiday, see him again, and maybe see if anything came of it. Nothing did. I don't know if we'll have a friendship anymore either, it seems he's been frightened away. I still adore him though.

I guy I met recently that I was very attracted to and it seemed likewise. But he has yet to call me. Who knows if he will. He wears a 7 foot corn suit at work. He tells corny jokes. Hence..Corny.

Met him through the Nerve personals just the other day. Small world, he's a friend of Reverend Roddy Love. (not a reverend). He's fun, interesting, interested, and we'll see. I'm not sure yet. So maybe no. But never rule anything out right?

Guy in my class who I was attracted to and would have dated had he ever returned my call, or called when he said he would, or if he hadn't stood us all up at the potluck or if he had ever done ANYTHING he said he would do. Too bad.

Kelly (Bacchus)
My rotund, brilliantly funny crazy gogo dancing wine drinking party raging friend who is like no one else in my life.

Mad Hoodie (Kirin)
Used to be in my class. I liked him at one time, but he's unaccessible.

The Rest:

Known her since 4th grade, stopped being friends around the 6th or 7th grade. Just re-acquainted with her through Karin

She was in my life briefly and shone there. She sold me the entire contents of her apartment to leave and be with her love in Scotland and they've been traveling ever since. She's an amazingly talented actor and she's beautiful to boot. She's got it, and she'll make it if she puts her nose to the grindstone. I miss her already

Tim and Pato, married couple friends of JR's that I have become friends with. She's Argentinian he's Canadian. They are a great pair.

Another of JR's friends. He has a crush on me. The gamer crew

the gamer crew

the gamer crew

Ok if I missed anyone please let me know and I'll add them. I'm getting tired of writing this!!!

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