Apr. 02, 2003 - 9:17 a.m.
The Cool Girl

I've been thinking about my life (again!!??) and how things seem to be so shitty or that I got ripped off as a kid, and then a friend will step in and remind me about something that puts a whole new spin on it, making it all better.

I was bummed because we were talking about the "hot" girl at the ski shop. How she was short, stacked and cute. We guessed that she was probably always the cute girl, in high school etc, and had become pouty and weird because of it. Julian walked into the shop with a milkshake one day and she pouted and said "where's mine?" He said, "didn't get you one". She said "you're a jerk".


So anyway, for some narcissistic reason, I thought about how I never got the be the cute jailbait type, with the low rise jeans and pony tails etc. I didn't get to experience the stuff that comes with being that. I felt like I missed out on a whole bunch of innocent perversion.

But then Jackrabbit reminded me that I had something much better. I was the COOL GIRL. Sure, I had no boyfriends, but I had tons of people who loved to talk to me. People, still to this day too, find me easy to talk to, so much that they would and will often tell me things that they would never tell anyone ever. I was the chick the guys wanted to skateboard with and hang out with and crack dirty jokes with. I was the one they came to when they had problems, and they listened to my advice.

In later years, I was the one that would do beer funnels with them and get stupid. I was the chick that was a good snowboarder and they invited me to come riding with them, whereas other girls they avoided bringing because they would slow the guys down. I was the one they never worried about offending and they always congratulated me for not being one of those stupid chicks that are full of shit. I didn't pull that manipulative bullshit. I was included in the "secret guyness stuff". I was for real. (I AM for real)

THAT'S WAY FUCKING BETTER! So there's another reason for me to stop pouting and be happy that I'm me.

I'm the cool girl.

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I'm damn friggin cool, dammit!

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