Jan. 02, 2004 - 10:28 a.m.
A Series of Crazy Dreams

Dreams I had last night.

Most recent:

I was at this giant water ballet thing in the RedHill area that I invented in the previous dream which I will describe after. There was a helicopter doing ballet tricks and I was with my mother who wanted me to video tape the whole thing for her. She had this large clunkly camera that had a lens shaped like a triangle with the point at the top. While I was figuring it out I was kinda bothering the man to my left who finally got angry with me and was leaning over the arm of the chair digging his elbow into my side.

I argued with him that I hadn't invaded his space like that, I had just put my camera into his line of vision a couple of times. I then looked to his wife for help, I said, do you think he's in my space? She said "Yep" and got mad at him because he was touching a younger pretty woman.

Then during the show I was unable to keep the camera focused on things properly. I was trying to watch it and record it at the same time and I couldn't keep anything centred because it was such a huge lake that this boat show/ballet was being performed on. One guy I managed to get a closeup of forgot all his lines and words to the song, and he made this face like "oh shit" and then he figured it out after about 30 seconds, which is SCARY. AFter his number he came around and apologized for that and thanked us for sitting through it.

Finally it ended with battles between kings and queens and Hyppolita was in it. She kept telling her husband how boring he was and that she wanted another one. The final number was everyone streaming out of one side of the stage in the dark (it wasn't water anymore) and carrying a candle and they did a bunch of formations with these candles, which after the show they put out with towels and rolled up the towels with the candles in them.

The first dream I had was a night mare. It started with my brother and his friends riding their bikes up and down the hills by what was our house in the dream, and there was snow everywhere. It was night. Suddenly we were surrounded by these orbs of light varying in size and colour, and they were touching the boys and flying away. Then one of the orbs entered the back of one boy's head. He went mad and flung himself on his bike into a car. Dead. We freaked and ran, and the orbs pursued and took the boys down one by one. I don't know what happened to my brother.

The story shifted, and we all knew we were being attacked by a form of alien. I had seen the ship, been on it, seen the metal of it. How the orbs would attack would be to enter the person's body either through the body or right down the throat, and make them kill themselves or try to kill other people. People were flaying themselves alive, hanging themselves, dropping off balconies and railings.

The story shifted a little more when people started killing other people. They would choose odd ways, like stabbing them with crossbow arrows, or filling a cup with alcohol and juice and carring it in their mouths, leaning over and either kissing them, passing the fluid to the other person or spitting it on them, then lighting them on fire. The trick was to sleep in groups and on person stay awake. The alien wouldn't kill you if you were awake and looking at them. So you would watch them come into your room and start to try to kill someone right next to you, and you would shout "jim WAKE UP I want to ask you something" so the aliens didn't know you were on to them, or they'd kill you too. Then Jim would wake up and look at the alien with his mouth full of alcohol and a crossbow arrow in his hand.

It was so weird. Because obviously you are stopping them from killing someone by waking them up, they should know, but the orbs were simple like that, and were just about killing in a certain way.

Finally we decided to leave but the orbs were everywhere. I tried gathering up this woman's two children to save them. I woke up quite upset and uncomfortable, like I had a small anxiety attack. I better not be pregnant again.

The middle dream, I was on a long bus, the kind that have an accordian thing in the middle so they can turn corners. I was heading to north vancouver, and it was so snowy out that it was white. I was in the back where it wasn't comfortable at all, and I was sitting with these guys, and I decided to take a little look inside. They had a full restaurant, comfy looking living room couches and chairs, entertainment centres, everyone was chatting and looking quite content. We were like WTF??? So I got the guys and we dragged our bags inside to have a snooze.

I was napping and every so often looked outside to see where we were so I could get off in time. It was a white-out, it was so snowy. I thought, no probs, we're not there yet.

I fell asleep.

When I woke up at the last stop, I got my stuff and got off the bus, and it was a beautiful sunny crisp white day and I was deposited at a ski hill. I said "hey this isn't north vancouver, where am I? Didn't this bus go to north van"

They said, "Yeah, this is Redhill, north van's stop was an hour and a half ago." I'm like REDHILL? As though I know where that is (doesn't exist in Vancouver). So I was a little upset about how I could get back, there were only 2 buses a day in Redhill and that was the second. There were all kinds of people there skiing and there was a large frozen lake, the setting for the ballet above. That same tricky acrobatic helicopter from the show was there. I think that I watched it do all these tricks, and then it became the show I described above.


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