Feb. 03, 2003 - 11:49 a.m.
Love amongst the Lilies

Hey. This is so cool.

I'm watching my flowers have sex.

I have a vase full of lilies here on my desk. Now, if I remember my grade 11 biology correctly, is it the stamen that have the pollen and the pestle that collects it?

Anyway. All the pestles are secreting this viscous, clear fluid. They're all practically DRIPPING with this stuff. They look like little penis heads with a shot of precum at the tip. OOOH. They're also all ripe with pollen practically bursting from each stamen.

They're all just waiting for some unsuspecting bee to come around and make them parents.

Since there are no bees in here, I thought I should help. I stuck my finger in one lily and covered it in pollen, which I then wiped on the glistening pestle of another lily.

Floral Matchmaker.

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