May. 27, 2003 - 3:18 p.m.
Goals, Feats, Wishes

My head is itchy.

I'm posting a wish/goal list here. I'm going to cross shit off when I've done it, acquired it, or achieved it. This will get updated regularly, and will be added to the menu on the right. Fun shit man, fun shit.

*speaking role with pay
*lead in any film, paid or not
*get my tongue re-pierced
*a new tattoo - probably dragons
*yoga class
*A dining table and chairs so I have somewhere to eat
*an iron - flat clothes!!!
*a dvd player so I can actually watch my movies - my new roommate has one!
*a stereo so I can actually listen to my cds - see above!
*a new acting agent
*weigh 155lbs YAY!!!
*a vacuum you won't believe what came off my floor
*a summer dress, something wispy and barely there the old one fits so much better...
*a compost bin - rotten food!
*park bench for my garden
*lattice for my garden and some vines for the lattice
*hard wood floors in my condo, one day
*a brazilian bikini wax
*pedicure - Anna will do this for me
*an Aragorn pipe for the Lawyer This no longer applies
*start a DVD collection with Run Lola Run
*quit my job
*get a national commercial
*classical bass lessons and an instrument
*voice lessons
*holiday in Greece
*holiday in South Africa
*salsa with jackrabbit - this may no longer apply
*learn to sew
*overhaul my computer
*make me another work CD with Ella Fitzgerald on it - listening to it now!
*clean off the lawn chairs
*put together the compost bin
*weed my garden
*stake my peas - they died
*behead my clematis - too late...
*take one course towards your classical studies degree
*get hair done - colour, body wave?
*buy a bike - oh yeahh!! love it
*buy a living room chair - get to keep the couch
*pay off VISA
*holiday in Eastern Canada
*get new headshots
*weigh 150 pounds - YESSSS!!!
*some new fall shoes - got em and man they're hot
*be a neater and tidier person
*get counselling
*let jackrabbit go
*weigh 145lbs

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