Sept. 24, 2003 - 11:40 a.m.
Horoscope Advisory Board

Advice is a lot like horoscopes. You can usually take anyone's horoscope and apply it to anyone else, more or less. I mean, read the sign opposite yours today, what does it say about your life? Then read yours. Are they interchangeable?

Ok so now take advice. You can argue both sides. Depending on what you're trying to rationalize, or what you're trying to convince someone of, you can argue both ways.

Take JR for example. You could say, "Nothing worth having is easy to get" or variation there of. You can say "Hang in there, persistence and devotion will win" just like the tortoise. You know the whole schpiel, stick by what you love, never give in, good things come to those who wait.

Or you could say "move on, he doesn't deserve you" or "you can do better" or "girl, you don't need that shit". Either argument is convincing. Just like any horoscope could apply, so could advice. So why do we give it? It's changeable like the moment, like the person giving it, like the person receiving it.

I guess you could consider the spirit in which it's given. It's free. It's given with the objective in mind (hopefully) of easing someone's trouble. So thanks for the advice everyone, no matter what you say and how you've said it and whether I took it or not, you tried, your horoscope was intended to give me insight, valid or not, and some direction.

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