May. 25, 2004 - 2:12 p.m.
In Love with the omnipotent

Would the omnipotent need love?

How would you view love if you were omnipotent?

You could have anyone you wanted. You merely need to think it and they will love you. But what would that be like? I suppose no heartbreak, not for anyone ever. You need only will them to not feel anything for you and they wouldn't. They'd be ok, they wouldn't miss you. But then how would you feel about it? I suppose that would have to do with why you chose for them to forget you in the first place.

A sort of organic version of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

But when you were in the thick of love with someone who's affections you had conjured, would you feel hollow? Like it wasn't real? Or could you settle into the knowledge that for the time being, it is real, and they are really feeling it.

Would you be even capable of love as an omnipotent being? Would the concept be necessary or even possible?

Could you will yourself in and out of love? If you allowed another being, a mortal, normal, boring one to fall in love with you of their own free will, and they leave you, could you will youself over them in the blink of an eye? Or would your bitterness cause you to force them back into love with you and keep them from leaving?

Could you exist without ever feeling pain, suffering, anguish, sadness, hurt, rejection and other such experiences?

Sounds like a lot of trouble. Perhaps I should settle for telekinesis?


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Colleen - Sometimes on a Happy Cloud
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