Sept. 25, 2003 - 8:47 a.m.
The Nice Things about JR

When I invite him out, it's severely out of his comfort zone, he's not big on social situations especially with people he doesn't know. So when he comes out with me despite how badly he doesn't want to, I appreciate it.

He took a lot of his free time to try to fix my computer and when that didn't work he built me a new one to tide me over till the other one gets fixed. And he's lent me his hard drive indefinitely.

He snuggles.

He gets silly with me.

He's willing to go to playland even though he's not the biggest fan of rides

He remembers the little things that I like.

He took me camping.

He's marvellous in bed, I have the most fun with him that I've ever had, and the orgasms are GOOOD. And he goes down, which is also nice.

He scrubs my back for me in the shower.

He walks me to the bus stop and waits with me when I'm leaving his place.

He worries about my safety, makes me promise to wear a helmet all the time while riding my bike.

He's stuck by me through a lot of shit, and through some challenging stuff because when I'm depressed and upset, I'm not easy to be with and he's endured some really unpleasant shit.

His downy belly hair, big eyes and beautiful mouth.

The way he smells.

His fingers.

How he took personally the offence that Trevor caused me.

Making me 80's CDs.

He offered to pay for some massage therapy when I was going through the abortion. I didn't take him up on it, in fact, when he offered it I didn't really register it right away and then realized what he had said later. I felt so bad. I thanked him proffusely and said he didn't have to do that. I haven't actually gone for any yet either, I couldn't make him pay for that. But I remember the offer, he said "my treat". I'm so awful, I can't believe it.

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