Sept. 17, 2003 - 2:45 p.m.
A Potpourri, A Medley, a veritable cornucopia of fun

Right. So the stocks I'm watching:


I am going to keep an eye on these for a while to see what they'll do. Too much fun, all this crazy money stuff. Cah-rayzeeeeee. If you know anything about stocks, let me know what you think of those.

I'm halfway through Consider Phlebas now. Pretty damn imaginative book. He's made up this game called damage, which is a regular card game except that a) the stakes are REALLY REALLY high, b) you play in emotions, so you strategically play cards that cause specific opponents to feel powerful emotions, c) when you lose a hand, one of the humans sitting in the row behind you, called Lives, physically dies, and when you run out of Lives, you are out of the game and d) people spectating can feel the emotions directly by standing in the galleries near the players (Called moties, because they're 'junkies' for the emotions) or through headset helmet things on couches up in the terraces of the arena. What a wickedly interesting invention. it's, of course, unethical and would never happen in our civilized culture (don't be so sure) but still what a clever idea.

So I got some photos back offa Jackrabbit's camera from our trip. Wanna see? They're all mis-sized cause I'm lazy.

Me looking really cool in the tent

JR can drive, yes he can, yes he can

ACK call disease control

Ah raaaahd on the bus into the citay every day...

I love that guy in the background with his hand up. It looks like he's reciting Shakespeare, or perhaps saying "Mamma Mia" or maybe he's expunging on the benefits of butter vs. margerine.

Sigh. Two more hours till work is over. That's enough time to fix up some of those photos yes? I'm going to finish my memememe page eventually too.

I had hot chocolate.

What a good girl!

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Consider Phlebas
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it's quiet today. I'm bored of my music I think
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Stiff and twitchy and I ate too much.

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