Nov. 19, 2003 - 8:55 a.m.
Prayed for Rain

It's been pouring with rain the last couple of days. Since Saturday night. There are giant puddles of water in the streets. I almost died twice on Monday night. In two separate cabs. One hydroplaned into a sideways slide nearly. The other was almost hit by man who was signalling right, but going straight.

Helen walked to and from work yesterday without an umbrella. Even her bra and panties were wet when she got home.

The hem came off my pants for some odd reason, I think the thread caught on my chair and it pulled the seam out. So I dragged one leg of my rather expensive Jacob pants through the muddy sludge for the rest of the day.

There's a pool in my back yard now.

My sadness came back for a while yesterday. It seems that some things haven't changed at all, even after two months, and some things have. Too much anger, and this time it isn't mine. I'll know tomorrow.

But today the clouds parted and the sun is out. It's actually warm, even if only for a day of respite. One day is long enough though. Long enough to see that there's finally a proud, beautiful, shining white coat of snow on the mountains that make me never want to leave this city. The same mountains that look naked and lonely when they're bare and brown. And then I remembered why I prayed for rain.

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