Dec. 02, 2003 - 12:49 p.m.
The Rain on my face

It's amazing how when there's no audience, I have no desire to write really, anymore.

I feel like I haven't got anything to maintain. Terrible.

It's been a weird few days. Jackrabbit and I seem closer than ever, yet still far apart.

Tromley and I are also closer, yet in our case we're further apart than before. He told me he loved me today, in the context that he has love for me. Not in a "want to be with you forever" way.

I got a chipper email from Tim after sending one that simply said "not talking to me anymore? =)" Since he hadsn't emailed me since I got back from Toronto, more or less.. I haven't thought about him much lately. Guess I just pushed that one back out of my mind.

Cheesy line for today, though it somehow applies..."who wants to live forever, when love must die?"

I'm still exhausted emotionally. The sessions at UBC psych have been pretty good. Only two so far but I'm getting used to it. Trouble is, he's cute and young, my therapist. HAHA. Sigh... I'm ridiculous.

I had a beautiful experience after the last one. I was very light headed after the session, which he said is common, and as I left the building, it was dark and mildly cool and there was an ever so light drizzle of rain coming down. Like mist. It was so fresh on my face and I felt so good. My face was flushed from the session I guess, because it felt so hot and the rain felt so cool, I was utterly content at that moment and I walked VERY slowly back to the bus stop. I didn't want the feeling to end.

I'll be going to Whistler for the weekend with Jackrabbit. A little snow-therapy.

Otherwise, this week is busy. This month is busy. I have so much planned! I think I'll end up cancelling everything.

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