May. 07, 2004 - 12:59 p.m.
Strength in Numbers

Strength. It's something we all look for in so many ways. My strength is in my friends. It's in my care for them. I can be strong for them when they need me to be. Solid as a rock. And I will do it because I can when they can't.

Strong for myself is another story. I have no personal strength. When I have to be a rock for myself, I cannot come through and I let myself down. So how do I find the strength for others when I can't even find it for myself?

Good question. Maybe it's a matter of respect for myself vs. respect for others. I have loads of respect for my friends, and know their goodness and that they deserve my strength and care. If I am not respecting myself, how can I possibly think that I deserve to be held up?

I suggested this recently:

"Is it possible for two people who have infinite strength for others and next to no strength for themselves to teach each other that strength and hold each other up by being strong for each other?"

Not very eloquently put, but straight from the heart. If two people can be strong for each other, then maybe they can win in the long run.

You know, strength in numbers.

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