Mar. 09, 2004 - 8:57 a.m.
Warm Water

It's an amazing feeling to be in lust. When someone's body inspires unparallelled sensations in your own.

To see the shade of their skin, the way the light reflects off their angles. The sheen. The small patches of hair that create shadow in the right places while the light sparkles off each individual strand. Firm skin barely containing that heartbeat that makes their whole body pulse. So strong.

His body makes me weak. It makes me want to take every square inch of it into my mouth until it melts like butter. His flesh is so firm, but it gives. I can press my face into it and feel it pressing back.

Some people might think he's skinny. But they don't see him like I do. They don't see him in that certain light that illuminates all the muscular divisions in his arms, his legs, his back, his belly. They don't get to see those lines on his hips that indicate in which direction the treasure lies. They don't see his soft fuzzy bum that's deliciously full and fleshy for someone his size.

They don't get to feel how silky he is, how he feels like warm water. Or how soft and slick his lips are, no matter where they are. Or how much heat he radiates. How his body makes mine sweat.

He makes my knees weak and my passion strong. No wonder I have no resolve to stay away.

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Pride and Prejudice
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I'm hearing Tori Amos in my head today
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My back is a solid knot

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