Apr. 23, 2003 - 4:40 p.m.
A Wish List for the End of the Work Day

I wish I could win the lottery. I wish for a banana split. I wish I didn't have to work. I wish I didn't have cramps right now. I wish that it were the evening and class was over. I wish that I had a killer acting career and I wish that my talent were greater. I wish that I could bring my cats to work. I wish that everyone knew about my relationship with the Lawyer. I wish that I was more articulate. I wish that I thought before I spoke a little more often. I wish I were 30 pounds lighter. I wish I were 2 inches taller. I wish my hair was curly. I wish that I could fast forward my life to the future, after years of sticking strictly to weight watchers and being with the Lawyer and maybe we have kids and my career rocks and stuff.

Or maybe I fast forward and it's horrible. Maybe I gave up on the diet and gained 100 pounds. Maybe the lawyer dumped me for another woman, younger and prettier. Maybe I am childless. But I choose to think positively and that I made good choices in my life.

I wish that Jackrabbit and I had worked out and things hadn't been so fucked up. I wish that his love for me had been enough for him. I wish that it wasn't too late for us now, but it is. I wish that the Lawyer never changes, that he stays the way he is now for as long as possible. I wish that he would get over his mistrust of women in general.

I wish I didn't feel sick right now. I wish I hadn't eaten that popcorn. I wish I had more time to do the things I want, I wish I had the money to do the things I want. I wish I had the power of omnipotence. Then I could do all this stuff without wishing. I wouldn't wish for immortality, though I could be that and change that anytime I want, since I'm omnipotent.

I wish people would call me more often. I don't get enough messages on my answering machine. I wish people would email me more. I don't get enough emails that aren't 'enlarge your penis'. As useful as that would be for me...

I wish I liked coffee. I wish I could eat whatever I wanted and never get fat. I wish I could run 10k without breaking a sweat. I wish I could dance ballet. I wish I was a better dancer all around. I wish I was a good little yoga practitioner and that I was flexible in the sickest sense. I wish I had smaller thighs. I wish I could be a housewife sometimes, cooking and taking care of kids and doing all that domestic anti-feminist shit. I wish I had an agent. I wish I lived on a deserted island with the Lawyer, running around naked and eating leaves and maybe we had a boat too. I wish that people could be happier and treat each other more kindly. I wish that guys like Saddam hussein would have more accidents like getting hit by a car or falling down the stairs and breaking their necks at a young age to spare the rest of us the trouble.

I wish I could stop wanting more things in life, I wish I could appreciate more the things I have. I wish I wish I wish. How many wishes did I get again Genie?

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