May. 22, 2003 - 10:18 a.m.
Who could work now?

The Sex in the Suburbs question this week is one I answer fairly regularly in this diary, but I'll do another one, what the heck. I'll get all horny, but I'm seeing the Lawyer tonight so that it'll be worth it. A little fodder for later perhaps....I guess I'll talk about what I was fantasizing about on the bus this morning, instead of reading.

What's your fantasy?

It's early. Braving the rain, I dart from the bus shelter to the bus, budging in front of the line so that I get a seat. I hate standing on the bus. I manage to get a spot towards the back over one of the wheels. Great, it's going to be a bumpy ride. The woman next to me scowls as rain dribbles off my coat onto her newspaper. I smile back. "Have a nice day", I think.

I dig my book out of my bag and get settled to read, when I notice a young man coming down the aisle, shaking water from his hair. I've seen him every morning, and every morning I can't help but stare.

He is about 6 feet tall, with sandy coloured hair, styled but a little messy, as is the trend these days. Suits him perfectly. He has green eyes, lids lowered in that bedroomy way. I can see the dent of little dimples in his cheeks, but not the cute kind. They're those fucking sexy creases that you want to stick your fingers into while you taste his mouth.

He sits down across from me but over two seats in a spot that someone has (to my absolute thrill) just vacated. He is wearing a long black coat and is carrying a leather bag that somewhat resembles a doctor's bag, only not quite so large and doom-like.

I start to wonder what's in that bag. Papers? His lunch? A whip and fuzzy handcuffs? A human head? UGH. I quash that train of thought and focus on his mouth. The upper lip is rounded in the middle and full, and curves gracefully down to the corners where it meets his incredibly chewable lower lip. They’re the colour of the rest of his skin, only slightly darker. Masculine. He's clean-shaven this morning. Must have been up early.

I don't know why I was thinking I could stare at him without getting caught, because while I am absorbing the spectacular view of his lips, he looks up at me. I jump a little, as though I've been shocked and I can feel the blood rising in my cheeks, but I don't look away. What the heck, I have nothing to lose.

I let a little smile slip away from my lips and I'm sure my cheeks are burning brightly now. Much to my surprise, I see that his are starting to colour too. He smiles back, looking a bit bashful and makes a head gesture towards my book.

It took me a second to figure it out, but then I get it and I show him the cover. He nods and smiles bigger and I feel a shiver shoot down my spine and into my backside, making more than my cheeks flush. Somehow, the bumpy ride isn't so bad after all.

We spend the rest of the bus ride smiling and looking sheepish at each other until my stop arrives. My heart sinks because I know that he gets off later than I do. So I look at him, shrug and smile and attempt to stand in the most graceful sexy manner I know, before I sweep off the bus with my long Matrix style coat.

I sigh, stopping at the don't walk sign, basking in the residual attention, and hoping he'll be on the same bus tomorrow, when I feel a light hand on my shoulder. I spin around ready to shriek at the bum I'm expecting, but am struck dumb to see that it's him.



"(the Lawyer)" He extends his hand to me, his eyes never leaving my face.

"Arianna. How do you do?" I grimace internally at the archaic greeting.

"Would you like to get a coffee or breakfast or something?" He looks nervous yet hopeful.

"I have to work,” I stammer. I am dangerously close to falling unconscious to the pavement.

"So do I, but uh, they can do without me for a couple of hours, I think."

I just about shit my pants, but I agree to coffee and we head to a cafe just outside my office. We don't say much, just kind of look at each other every chance we get and when we reach the cafe, it's unspoken, but we both realize that it's not coffee or breakfast that we want.

Without speaking, I nod towards the back of the café, turn slowly and walk towards the washroom. He sees me nod and follows my lead. Luckily it's one of those single use bathrooms, where the door locks and there's only one toilet. No chance of any poor old ladies coming in to wash their hands and being surprised by my naked ass.

It's quite a nice bathroom, with flowers and a counter and a hand dryer with freshener. Very “auntie’s house”. I barely get the door locked before he's on me. His mouth is hot and insistent on mine; he licks my tongue and pulls my hair creating a shock of sensation down the back of my neck. He paws at my coat and bag and throws them to the floor on top of his items, which I had deftly removed while he stumbled with mine.

He tastes like rain, like fresh spring and fruit. I wonder what he had for breakfast.

He pulls me gently but firmly and lifts me, plunking my bum up on the counter. Without taking his mouth off mine, he slides his hands up my thighs, lifting my skirt up to my waist. I think I've sat in something wet, but I don't care, everything is going to be wet in a minute.

He presses his crotch against me and I can feel how hard he is through his pants, as his mouth presses against mine. His hands find their way inside my blouse and he's careful not to pull off the buttons, since I have to work in this shirt today. His hands are soft and cool on my hot breasts as he tweaks my nipples, making them hard and aching, all the while his kiss going deeper. He hooks my panties and works them down carefully, slowly, prolonging the urgency a little bit. I spread my knees for him again, resting my feet on his hips. Thank god for yoga. His fingers find my pussy and stroke me, spreading my wetness and making me twitch. He slips one inside, then two. I moan a little into his mouth and it makes him kiss me harder. His breathing is heavy on my face.

I fumble at his belt buckle and zipper until I get them undone and I pull his pants and underwear (hot ass boxer briefs...sigh) down to the floor with my feet.

We waste no time. He slides his raging hard cock into me slowly, to the hilt, so we can feel every inch, (and my, my, there are a lot of them...) and once he is deep he begins to thrust, hard and fast, holding my hips and pulling in time. I entangle one hand in his hair and grab his young tight ass with my other and aid a wee bit with the thrusting. My legs are up around his back now, allowing for the deepest penetration possible.

We are not fucking for longevity here, and I come quickly and intensely, feeling every inch of him, his head rebounding from my cervix. I squeeze him tighter with my legs, getting wetter inside, which fuels him on and he begins to thrust harder, shorter and quicker, and I can hear little uncontrolled grunts in my ear now, his breath hot against my neck just below my ear lobes.

"Ok" he whispers and I can feel his body tighten. Forgetting that we're in a restaurant, he gets louder, voicing in time his thrusts as he climaxes. As he comes, he squeezes me tightly with his arms and very nearly howls with intensity. He shoots so hard I can feel it inside.

We stay like that for a while, breathing heavily, feeling the afterglow. After a few more minutes, our senses return and we remember where we are, and where we're supposed to be.

Luckily, we're in a bathroom so it's not too hard to clean ourselves up and get put back together. Just as I reach to unlock the door he stops me.

"Wait. Can I see you again? Please?" My heart leaps; I thought this would be it and I’d never see him again.

"Ahh, yeah, yes, yes, sure," I smile at him, nervous as hell, even though we've just fucked, "Ummm yeah ok here's my card. Give me a call?" He smiles at me brightly, still glowing.

"Absolutely. Hey, I am really glad we did this. I've seen you on the bus every day for a long time, and I've wanted to get to know you."

"Me too."

"Ok. I suppose we should head back to work"

"Oh yeah. Crap, who could work now?" I smiled and he laughed, and as we exited the bathroom we were greeted by a long line of very impatient, very unhappy, very full bladdered coffee shop patrons.

I know, it's a lamo girly ending, but I'm a girl, and I always want to "Get the guy" in my fantasies, and since they are MY fantasies, the guy can be as sweet and nice as I fucking well want!!! Hope you enjoyed it.

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