Jul. 09, 2002 - 3:11 p.m.

Have you ever actually felt your own skin?

Try something. Close your eyes. I suppose you'll have to read this first, and then close your eyes, otherwise you won't be able to read the instructions...duh.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Slowly raise your non-dominant hand (for you slopokes, that means if you are left handed, use your right hand and vice-versa) and softly touch your ring finger to the curve of skin between your lower lip and your chin. Use your ring finger, the one before the pinky, because it's a seldom used finger and doesn't have as much of a callous on it as the other fingers do. So your chin-skin. It's a surprisingly sensitive area. You can feel all the little hairs, yes you women too, and it tickles a little bit. Next, use the same finger at touch it softly to the hollow at the base of your neck, where it meets your chest. Another surprisingly sensitive area. But if you feel carefully, you can feel all the little hairs again, and the oils in the skin. It tickles there too.

Try the skin on the inside of your forearm and in the elbow crease. Even on you rough and sandpapery guys, it's incredibly soft and fragile. Also very sensitive. Same with the back of your hand.

How about the spot between your eyebrows? Unless you have a mono-brow (which you should correct IMMEDIATELY) it's really soft and sensitive there too.

Wanna know something really gross? If you lie really really still at night in bed and close your eyes and concentrate, you can FEEL your skin living on your body. It tingles. It's very eerie.

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