Jan. 23, 2003 - 4:30 p.m.
Those Weirdo Searches

Hee hee. I come on the lycos search engine under "rockcliming", which is misspelled.

Oh man, that's bad. hehe. Actually from now on, here is the list of searches I come up under:

>>rockcliming - yes it's misspelled.
>>the laundry girls
>>Gemini Tattoos

>>Quoting a quote
>>"Nobody Knows I'm on Prozac"
>>"The Four Manifestations of Beauty"
>>Steak and Blowjob Day you've got to be kidding!!!
>>"I thought you loved me more than anything"
>>I Hate Unions - that's a funny one...
>>I want to crawl into a hole and die - wow, that's as sad as I am, searching for that
>>blowjob site:diaryland.com what the fuck?????? AHAHHA
>>"from ten thousand miles away" - blood and fire, Indigo Girls
>>fucking his wife ?????
>>lintpickle - someone knows my alias and is looking me up over and over again...
>>my list of goals - isn't that nice?
>>Statler & Waldorf quotes
>>SHa MERRY - what the HELLLL???? Why would someone look that up, and why am I number ONE hit on the list?
>>bus bums - I was the ONLY hit on this search hahah
>>Lady Mitchum + Spring Fresh - this is the deoderant I use. Interesting.
>>Jacksworld - not bizzare, but i forgot I had an entry like this.

>> Peculiar Tits wtf???
>>look though old yearbooks??
>>song/someone to watch over me - another ella fan?

>>nubbin - hee hee

>>arglebargle bullshit - what? WHAT? I know I write weird things all the time, but people SEARCH for them?? HAHAHAH

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