Nov. 24, 2003 - 2:08 p.m.
Feline Emotional Extentions.

Tromley wants his ex girlfriend back. He's making a project involving squares that fit together to form a cube and on each face of the cube is a word and the sentence that forms is "I want to be with you" which he's going to send her periodically, piece by piece. The final peice is the word "forever" which he's going to deliver to her personally, later on, after she's had some time to mull over the first sentence. He wants to have a ring made. He's going to ask her.

I'm happy that he knows what he wants. Makes me sad that there's this great love right in front of me and it's not mine. But that's just self pity.

They drop like flies. You too Procrasto! You lucky bastard.

Jackrabbit was very eager to come to my house tonight. I suspect it was mostly to use my computer and see my cats, who love him SO MUCH. Just like me. I often think that truly my cats are an extention of me. When I care about someone, or am interested or whatever, they pick up on it, and will go sit in his lap or her lap. I don't like my aunt Mary all that much, and they don't either. But people I feel a connection with, they do too.

They also do the things I would LOVE to do. For example. I had a rather attractive houseguest the other day, Bean. I think he's sexy. Norbert went on over and crawled into his lap and rubbed his face on Bean's leg and everything. I thought, gee, that's what I wanted to do, but can't, cause it's weird.

So they do what I can't as well. Funny, I never really fleshed out that inkling thought before. My cats really do extend emotionally to people that I extend emotionally to. If I don't like you all that much, neither do my cats.


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