Oct. 10, 2003 - 10:53 a.m.
Just a Sweet Transvestite....

I wanted to write about my dream before I forget about it entirely.

I dreamed that I left for Toronto early, and arrived in the city and since Tim didn't know that I had left early, he didn't meet me at the airport. So I took the subway into town and didn't know where I was going or what, so I put my bags in a locker in one of the subway stations and went to look around, all the while trying to find Tim's phone number, which I knew I had but couldn't locate.

So then after walking the city streets for a bit, I suddely realized that I couldn't remember what the subway station was that I had left my things in. I knew that I had tried to remember the name as I left the station, and which turns I took, but I was definitely lost for a bit. Then I happened across it luckily. So I got my stuff, and tried a phone number that I thought was Tim's. It wasn't.

Then I found this apartment building that had a restaurant on the third floor that was sort of mediterranean looking. Went up there to eat and try Tim's number again.

I can't remember much about the restaurant except the washroom, which was like a residential apartment's washroom, and the kitchen which had terra cotta tile floor. Actually the whole place had terra cotta tile floors.

And there was a patio and that's where I was out eating. I was trying Tim's number again on my cell, which was down to one bar of batteries and was going to die soon. I got his machine finally and left him a message. Better than nothing, but I was afraid that my phone would die and he'd call back and not be able to raise me. So I turned the phone off (odd because he still wouldn't be able to raise me if my phone was OFF..duh). There were martial arts involved. There were weird people in the restaurant and I ended up leaving. I can't remember any more.

Classic travel anxiety dreams. Which is funny, because I'm not consciously anxious at ALL about this trip. I'm so fucking EXCITED.

I just booked my train ride to Montreal too, where I'm going to meet up with JonasParker and Misstress. Wheee!! We're also going to see Rocky Horror Picture Show. I wonder if it'll be in french...

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